Little (Baby) Sharks (Ages 4 – 9)

Good News! Little Sharks if back, this time under the leadership of coach Erin Fenn. As a trained Volleyball Canada Level 1 coach, Erin has coached competitive 13U Girls and 14U Girls teams for the past two years. Erin brings a great deal of experience from working with younger kids as Community and Youth Outreach Worker at the Youth For Christ London. Erin’s strong background in counselling will be a great asset to help the Little (Baby) Sharks embrace the program.


The Little Sharks program is  design with the only purpose of developing and reinforcing the fundamental movement skills (FMS). FMS provide the foundation for all athletic maturity and are seen as the building blocks from which sports-specific skills, volleyball in our case, are developed. Following the LTAD. 

Why fundamental movement skills?

  • Fundamental movement skills are specific gross motor movements that involve different body parts such as feet, legs, trunk, hands, arms and head
  • Children need to be taught fundamental movement skills – they don’t acquire them naturally
  • Children that learn fundamental movement skills are more likely to participate in and play different games, sports and recreational activities offered in the school years and in the community

Why is physical activity so important?

  • Promotes healthy growth and development. e.g. strong bones and muscles, flexibility, balance, posture, cardiovascular fitness and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Helps make important connections between different parts of the brain that develop memory and language
  • Provides opportunities to develop social skills and to make friends
  • Helps with relaxation and sleep
  • Develops self esteem

“Children who possess inadequate motor skills are often relegated to a life of exclusion from the organised and free play experiences of their peers, and subsequently, to a lifetime of inactivity because of their frustrations in early movement behavior”.

(Seefeldt, Haubenstricker & Reuchlien 1979, cited in Graham, Holt, Hale & Parker 2001)


This program is ideal for kids ages 4-8/9 years old that will improve their overall physical literacy and the FUNdamentals of Volleyball.  Our fun and specific drills will help kids improve all the critical actions the body needs to perform to succeed at volleyball and all other sports.

We will offer 3 sessions, each is 8 weeks long and we will meet Sundays from 4-5pm at Supreme Courts Volleyball (11 Buchanan Court)  Cost is $110 per session and all athletes get a program t-shirt

2019-2020 Sessions:

Sundays 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm (8 sessions) at Supreme Courts (11 Buchanan Court)

Session 1: Oct 6th – Dec 1st 
Session 2: Jan 5th – Mar 1st 
Session 3: Mar 29th – May 31st 

$110 per session.

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    Please note that a payment on the total amount of $110 is expected the first day of the program. You can make your payment on cash onsite the first day of the program or cheque payable to “London Sharks Volleyball”.


    • Refund requests must be submitted 48 hours prior to the start of the 2nd scheduled class.
    • All refunds will be pro-rated with an administration fee of $35 applied to each person & program.