Spiking Sharks Volleyball Club’s mission is to promote volleyball and recreational activities as healthy leisure alternatives for our youth, while also exposing them to a variety of different opportunities to develop their personal skills and life experience through physical fitness and educational activity.


To create a supportive community environment aimed at encouraging the development of youth, sports participation/leadership and promoting sportsmanship.


  • To provide superior quality instructional volleyball and other sport activities based in a comprehensive development of the athlete.
  • To provide every athlete with a top of the line physical development as a foundation to build proper technical skills that allow them to perform with excellence in any game situation.
  • To contribute to the athlete’s personal growth through a problem-solution scheme used during practices building a strong personality that will facilitate his/her interaction as much in a game situation as in life.


Our programs are based in a volleyball course that will lead the involved athletes towards any competitive environment such as the school team, the different volleyball clubs in the area or even establishing the foundations for a great sports career.

From September to April our teams participate in the tournaments organized by the Ontario Volleyball Association.

Our program is design to guide the athlete through a complete set of stages that when followed with discipline and enthusiasm will provide them with lots of fun, knowledge and resources that will be used during their athletic life.

Our club is focus on developing the complete athlete first, providing our players with the necessary elements to perform successfully on any sport. To achieve this goal, we make use of all kind of preparatory games and drills that will facilitate the acquisition of strength, speed, and endurance along with the refining of the coordinative abilities (eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination, global coordination, balance, time and space awareness) in combination with volleyball drills-and-skills that will teach them the game.